5 Factors to Consider While Making a Choice of E-liquid

Finding the right e-liquid is part and parcel of the enjoyment of your vaping.  The right consistency and flavour in your e-liquid is going to take a little trial and error to find what suits you best.  So sit back and relax as we explore 6 factors to consider while making a choice of e-liquid that will meet your needs.

1.) Flavour, flavour, flavour

Top of the list of factors is of course the flavour that you choose.  There is literally a limitless amount of flavours available today.  So if you have always enjoyed the taste and flavour of your cigs, you will possibly be able to replicate it pretty well with a cigarette flavoured e-liquid, there are many to choose from. 

If you prefer a fruity flavour, there are many to choose from  There are other flavours like cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, bubblegum, mint, salts and even blends of liquor to choose from!  All tastes are catered for and the great thing is that you can experiment with all the flavours and build up a stock of flavours for every occasion or mood.

2. ) Base fluid

There are two base fluids available.  The one is PG – propylene glycol and the other is VG – vegetable glycerin.  The purpose of the fluid is to keep the vape moist and the differences are the following:

PG – offers a stronger back of throat hit, a thin liquid, helps to keep your tank clean

VG – offers thicker vape clouds, thicker liquid, harder to clean your tank

It would be advisable to try both to see what your preference is.  The thicker the liquid the denser the vapour will be.

3.) The device

The most common devices are Mods or e-cigarettes. Use the appropriate e-liquid suited to your device.

Mods are handheld devices which have internal batteries allowing for turning the wattage of the vape up or down creating a warmer or cooler vape experience.  It is a larger device than an e-cigarette.  Most have a built in coil and are used for a stronger nicotine intake and a high vapour production.  Whether you’re a beginner or experienced vaper, there are kits available for your every need.  Different shapes, colours and designs make choosing a Mod exciting, it’s all about personal preference.

E-cigarettes are battery operated devices that are designed to look like cigarettes.  They heat the liquid to produce vapour and have the look and feel similar to a cigarette or a cigar.  Normally are available in a starter kit.

4.) Pricing

Of course we are all price conscious and look for a bargain at every turn.  The investment in the correct device to suit your needs will initially be an outlay, but thereafter it will be the liquid, flavouring and nicotine that will be the on-going costs.  It will work out cheaper for you to vape than to smoke normal cigarettes, so look forward to your savings!  If you find that the e-liquid is working out too expensive in the long run, you can try and mix your own.  You will be able to purchase the base liquid and flavoured concentrates separately and thereby save some money.

5.) Quality

To get the best vaping experience don’t compromise on the quality of the e-liquid.  Read all instructions and ingredients on the label to ensure that what you purchase is of the best quality.  Ensure that your supplier is reputable and can help you with all your choices.  Does their website look professional and do you know if the e-liquid is created in hygienic conditions?  Cheaper e-liquid doesn’t always give the results you may be looking for.

Once you have chosen your favourite flavour and added it to your e-liquid, the results can be enjoyable, whether vaping is replacing your normal cigarette smoking or whether you are vaping for pure pleasure.   Vape Revolution has many e-liquids and flavours to choose from and we are ready to help you make the right choices.

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