Why Vape?

Making the switch to a vape

We all know that ol’ smoking is a toughy to kick into touch, but with the help of a vape maybe you will be able to reach that dream.  There are also many other reasons to be vaping nowadays.  Vaping is the use of e-cigarettes and simulates the experience of smoking, more socially acceptable and without the same level of health risk exposure.  Let’s look at a few reasons to make the switch to a vape – give it a try and see for yourself.

Low cost

Most Aussies who vape will save many dollars, as it is about 90% cheaper to vape than to smoke normal paper cigarettes The term ‘vaping’ arises from inhaling and exhaling the vapor created from a combination of nicotine and a liquid with specific flavors which is heated.  The cartridge that holds the flavoured liquid is normally refillable.  You will have an initial outlay for the vape device and thereafter nicotine and the flavoured vape liquid that is needed on an ongoing basis, and it normally lasts quite long when using an average of 4ml per day.

Flavour choices

With so many amazing flavours to choose from, vaping can be a very pleasant taste experience.  When adding your own drops of flavour extracts to your vape liquid, you will be able to adjust the intensity of the flavour by adding more or less, depending on your preference.  There are literally hundreds of flavours available, with anything from fruit, desserts, vanilla, menthol to salt, you will be spoiled with choice.

Quit ciggies

Smoking cigarettes comes with a myriad of health risks, including a risk of heart and lung disease.  With more medical information available on the adverse effects of cigarette smoking, more people are turning to using e-cigarettes or vaping in order to decrease the health risks associated with smoking.  Cigarettes contain nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide, all detrimental to our health.  When vaping, the harmful chemical would be nicotine if added to the vape, but there is the choice to use non-nicotine liquids which can be used very safely.  By limiting or removing nicotine from the vape liquids, dependence on the chemical will be reduced and eventually be eliminated, freeing you from ol’ smoking and having a nicotine dependence – whoop whoop.

Social image

Usage of vapes is not very restricted and is normally found to be quite acceptable in many areas where cigarette smoking is banned, even indoors and in some public places.  The odour of vaping is often quite pleasing and non irritating to most people, especially if the liquid used to vape has a fruity flavour


The long term effects of e-cigarettes or vaping are largely unknown, but are definitely considered to be less addictive and destructive to general health than cigarettes.  The vapour from electronic cigarettes is not considered to be harmful and has no secondhand smoke risks.  Vaping is less harmful than smoking cigarettes and long term smokers who turn to vaping are halfway to improving their vascular health within the first month of vaping

One thing for sure is that the smoking of normal cigarettes is decreasing worldwide and the use of a vape is increasing.  At Vape Revolution we can help you with all your vaping needs and advice.  Our friendly staff are always ready to help you to make the switch to a vape!

making the switch to vape

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