Can vape juice expire?

When you pick up your vape juice and notice it’s past the expiry date, is it still safe to use?  Vape liquids normally have an expiry or ‘best by’ date on the bottle. Manufacturers of vape juice put an expiration date on the bottle, pretty much the same as expiry dates are placed on food items.  Can vape juice expire? Here we take a look at the possibility of vape juice expiring and why you should use your vape liquid before or soon after the expiry date as displayed on the bottle.

The expiry date

It is widely agreed that the expiry date which is shown on the vape juice bottle is an indication of by when the product should be used.  Depending on the quality, vape juice can generally last for a year or two.  The expiry date is a suggestion for getting the best out of the vape juice by that particular date.  As the vape juice ages, the taste will not be as strong as when you first bought it and the nicotine (if present) will become weaker.

Can it be dangerous

Can it be dangerous?

It won’t cause harm, but we do not recommend vaping with expired vape juice.  Whether the same amount of vapour is produced or if there is still the same amount of flavour is questionable after the expiry date, but the liquid will still be usable for a while longer.  The ingredients in vape juices are normally:  water, propylene and vegetable glycol, flavourings (natural or artificial) and sometimes nicotine.  All these ingredients have long shelf lives.  An experienced vaper will soon realise that the liquid is not how it should normally taste and therefore it may be time to dump the bottle.  The vape juice may also start to taste off and your nicotine craving might not be satisfied.

How do I know if the juice has gone bad?

The first sign of vape juice going bad and expiring is that separation of the liquid will be evident.  Even when the liquid is shaken it will not recombine.  This is due to various ingredients that need to blend when shaken, but crystallization occurs when the liquid is too old, stopping the ingredients from blending.

The taste and smell of the vape juice will alter over time too.  If it doesn’t taste or smell good anymore, it’s time to throw it out and reach for a new bottle!

It will become more watery when going beyond the expiry date and cause leaking out of your vape tank.

The nicotine content in a vape juice will change over a long period of time, making the liquid go darker.  This is due to oxidation of the nicotine and once again means it’s time to replace the vape juice.

How do I make the vape juice last longer?

Vape juice is sensitive to light.  So storing your juice away from direct sunlight in a cool, dark spot is the first step in making it last longer.  In direct sunlight the chemicals in the juice tend to alter and the liquid will spoil quickly.  Don’t leave the vape juice bottles on a windowsill or in your car.  When purchasing your favourite vape juice, it is best if they are in dark coloured bottles to protect the liquid from light.

Only open the vape juice bottles when you are ready to use them.  Keep them tightly closed when not being used. Use up your opened bottles before opening new ones.

Don’t shake or move around the vape juice bottles unnecessarily.  Agitation, heat and exposure to air all make vape juice degrade quicker.

Vape juice can go bad in a tank, so be mindful of refilling your tank especially if you haven’t used your vape pod or atomiser for a while.


Vape juice does expire, even though it normally has a long shelf life.  As with food products, if you are unsure about using an expired vape juice, throw it away and use an unexpired liquid for the best results.  After all, vaping is for your pleasure so there is no need to compromise. Rather get the full benefit of flavour and the nicotine content (if present) from a new bottle.

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