Are you looking for a new E-Juice supplier?

We are an Australian manufacturer based in Queensland, we develop high quality e-liquid for distribution to vape retailers. Over the past few years our following has grown stronger and stronger. With fledgling beginnings in NSW, we are known across the country. Be part of this Revolution into a world of unusual and tasty Vape Flavours.

Part of our mandate is that customer service and product excellence is at the core of what we do.

We offer these services because we know you want to stand out with a range of products that your customers love and come back to your store to purchase.

We market our brand to the Australian vape audience using social media, email marketing, online marketing and blogs, this will help you to sell more of the products you buy from us.


Our E-Liquid does not include nicotine, artificial preservatives or flavour enhancers.

We source our major ingredients – high-grade palm oil-free PG and VG, from Australia.

We provide both ready to vape and concentrated flavours – providing flexibility to give your customers what they want.


Delivering competitive price points to you matters. We have great margins for our distributors and we support the sales of our high-quality affordable products with helpful brand marketing. We back you up with our social media presence. You stock us, so we make sure our followers know about it.

How do we bring home the savings to our customers? We offer great value everyday deals which not only save our customers a considerable sum but encourage greater volume purchasing through your outlet.


Combination of ANY 3 120ml RTV or 60ml Doubler for $100

Combination of ANY 5 30ml RTV or 15ml Doubler for $60


Talk to us about our price guide for our 15ml doublers and 30ml RTV AND the fantastic mark-up on 60ml Doublers and 120ml RTV.

We offer great margins for you and great value for our customers. This is the kind of win/win situation that we nurture.


Curious about your own line of e-liquids and how to go about it?

There are two ways you can go about developing your own line of e-liquids.

  • Customised Flavours

Do you have specific recipes in mind? We work together to bring your desired flavour to life. 

  • White Label products specifically for your brand

We have a standard white-labelling service where you select from a standard range of available liquids, bottles and caps. Your logo and standard information features on the label. It’s a streamlined process that keeps it easy for you.

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