At Vape Revolution Australia we provide two concentrations of e-liquid – RTV and Doubler.

RTV stands for “Ready To Vape”. This E-Liquid is ready to be added to your tank and vaped straight away – no fussing about.

A doubler is twice the concentration of an RTV (Ready To Vape) e-liquid in a half-filled bottle.  Why do you ask?

Two main reasons.

  • One – this is the optimal level if you want to tinker around with PG/VG levels.
  • Two – To add nicotine if you choose.

Propylene Glycol (PG) is a thin, clear, tasteless liquid responsible for delivering the ‘throat hit’ and flavouring in our e-liquid.  It is commonly used in a wide range of products from foods, asthma inhalers, air disinfectants through to food flavourings.


Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is colourless, odourless and slightly sweet. It is a much thicker liquid than PG and responsible for the smooth, heavy vapour (or ‘cloud’) production. VG is commonly used in pharmaceuticals, beauty products, toothpaste and foods. It is generally regarded as very safe although there is limited information on long-term inhalation.


Nicotine is an addictive substance derived from tobacco leaf and found in cigarettes. Cigarette smoke is harmful to our bodies, largely due to the toxic microparticles of carcinogens contained in tars inhaled into our lungs when a cigarette is lit. Some vapers choose to add nicotine to their e-liquid as a form of tobacco harm reduction. In Australia, Nicotine can be legally obtained with a prescription from a registered Australian medical practitioner (your GP) or imported from overseas under the TGA Personal Importation Scheme.


In Australia, each state regulates the sale of nicotine, the use of personal vaporizers in public places, age limits on sale, display and promotion of vaporizers and related products. Regulations differ from state to state are subject to change. To find out more visit: https://www.legalisevaping.com.au/australian_law


ATHRA.org.au is a great place to start your well-informed journey into tobacco harm reduction. They also have some informative articles in relation to the vaping issues experienced in the USA.

Vape Revolution Australia strongly discourages the use of nicotine by non-smokers. We also strongly discourage anyone under the age of 18 from any form of smoking or vaping and would like to remind website visitors that it is against the law to provide vaping products to minors. Please always maintain vigilance of your vaping products with particular regard around minors and pets.

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