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Hi there Vape family,

We’d like to introduce you to Terry. He lives in a remote outback town in NSW and is best known as a bit of a cheeky larrakin and all-round top bloke.

Like quite a few people around Terry’s vintage, he started smoking at quite a young age – 14 as he recalls.  About 7 years ago Terry was smoking 30 cigarettes a day with a terrible cough that just wouldn’t go away and admittedly not in the best of health. He’d heard about vaping through his son, Adam, who encouraged him to give it a try.

Terry recalled how surprisingly easy he found the transition from smoking to vaping. “I’ve never even looked like having a smoke since” Terry often tells me when he calls in to place an order. “To be honest, the smell of smoke kind of makes me sick these days, and I never bloody thought I’d be saying that”.

I have been making Terry’s e-liquid for years. It’s always the same tobacco inspired flavour that we custom make for him just the way he likes it (a blend of two tobacco inspired flavours with a 60% PG & 40% VG base).  “I’m not a fan of the fruity flavours, I stick to what I know I like” he said.

Thanks Terry for taking the time to have a chat and for being such a bloody awesome customer over the years.

Did you read this and think of your very own customised flavour you want to bring to life? It’s our mission to bring your flavour to fruition –  gday@vaperevolution.com.au

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