Product Flavours

Our E-Liquid does not include nicotine, artificial preservatives or flavour enhancers.
We do not use palm oil in the production of our E-Liquid.


Ankara Express

Infuse your senses with the aromatic flavour of Turkish tobacco folded into a steaming cup of morning coffee


Luscious Bavarian cream infused with vanilla bean extract over a masterfully balanced blend of 5 tobacco flavours

Bright Tobacco

Fresh and bright this tobacco inspired flavour is a gently familiar intro to vaping


Delight in the taste of Grandma’s old fashioned Butterscotch recipe in your mouth

Canadian Girl

Savour the taste of Canadian Waffles, ice cream and Maple Syrup

Cinnamon Donut

Think warm, fluffy cinnamon coated rings of goodness, you’ll feel like you are eating a doughnut with zero calories

Jack & Cola

Full body flavour with a sweet aftertaste, Jack and cola will quench your thirst?

Lemonade Icee

Remember the days when Summer was hot and Icey poles were a godsend, this lemonade infused flavour will refresh you inside and out A palpable fizz that dances on your tongue.

Mango Tango

Tropical and fruity, sweet and tasty this one will have your mouth watering

Peach Iced Tea

Refreshing and Summery Iced tea inspired peach delight

Pommy Gum

Delightful ripe pomegranates so juicy you can feel the zing combined with a sweet bubblegum flavour that loses you in the moment

Port Rollies

African and Turkish tobacco, a hint of the finest shiraz and a shot of Caribean Rum, it is comfy, aromatic and bold


Think Grape flavoured lolly in a vapour – simply spine-tingling


Sumptuous vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream and luxurious french vanilla sauce

Vodka Lime Soda

Refreshing, fizzy and fabulous for the days when you need a little sunshine

VR Tobacco

Our signature blend combining 3 tobacco favourites – Red Oriental, Gold Virginia and Flue Cured


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