Nostalgic Sensations

Knowing where ideas originate from gives meaning to a concept, so we wanted to share a short tale about how our e-juice flavours came about. We have a number of really unique flavours, all of which have their own unique little following across Australia. The reason for this is because our customers have helped us to develop our flavours. 

The original business model of Vape Revolution was a brick and mortar store located in Adelaide.  Customers would wander in and we would mix flavours on the spot for them, it was such a great service and our customers loved it. Whilst we had a list of original flavours, we continually encouraged our customers to make suggestions for new exciting recipes of their own. 

So when someone, be it a customer or employee, came across a winning taste sensation, the recipe got added to our little green book. When Vape Revolution moved from brick and mortar to wholesale/online retail and started supplying other retail stores we needed to narrow down the list of best selling juices which is what lead to the current menu we have today. So the little green book which was jam-packed with hundreds of great tasty recipes was whittled down to the 16 key flavours you see today.

The current menu is a little bit of a nostalgia trip for us at Vape Revolution as these were part of our humble beginnings. The menu reminds us of that original store, our amazing customers and staff, particularly the talented trained chef Jimmy who poured his heart and soul into the creation of some of these recipes. It also reminds me of the hilarious failures that were trialled and discarded along the way – goonbag red wine and something that reminded me of boiled cabbage – yuck! 

 As we grow, we keep on inventing, it’s in our DNA. The creation of one of our latest flavours “Ankara Express”, was added to the menu after a dream I had one night. I had been working on a particularly big order for one of our retailers and had a “flavour filled dream” that night about coffee and tobacco, I just remember the flavour smelled of the sensation of being warm and cosy like when slip into your dressing gown, it’s first thing in the morning and you take that first sip from your favourite cup. I got to work that very morning, tested a few variations of flavours on customers and friends and what resulted became Ankara Express – which is now a firm favourite and one of our best sellers.

We will always encourage our customers and stockists to create their own flavours – it’s the fun part of the business, we get to become mad scientists for a short time. Send us your ideas for some fabulous flavours and see if your recipe can be added to the little green book and secure a place as a flavour of choice for our future ranges. 

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